Enclosed Electrical Hot Stick Trailers 2018-02-02T17:54:30+00:00

Enclosed Electrical Hot Stick Trailers

The way that you store and transport your hot sticks can also make a big difference in how they function when needed. Mohawk Ltd. provides specialized storage trailers for hot sticks, hot line accessories and safety and testing equipment used in the field.

A  Hot Line Tool Storage Trailer  is equipped with a heated interior for moisture control, on-board generator, interior and exterior lighting, and work areas for vise and tool storage specially designed for hot line tool cleaning and maintenance.

Our hot stick trailers are built with a unique FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood) construction. The FRP composite is a true unitized panel (composite) construction utilizing significantly stronger materials and better insulation. This FRP wall technology is widely used by many over the road freight haulers because of its superior durability, lower maintenance and longer service life. Many configurations and options are available and customized to meet the individual and unique needs of each customer.