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8 x 16 Trailers 

Our 8 x 16 trailers are handcrafted with the best and most durable materials on the market. The interior of the trailer is completely wrapped in stainless steel, which is easy to clean and will look great for decades. All the interior and exterior sheets are installed using a commercial-grade adhesive that is used in the automotive and aircraft industry. By constructing the trailers in this fashion, we eliminate 80% of screws and rivets that become a catchall for grease on the interior and negatively affect the way that the graphics adhere to the exterior. Giving our trailers a sleek finish that will look fantastic for years and years to come.


All of our trailers can be customized to accommodate whatever appliances are needed. 

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Broad Spectrum SPF 50


From day one Ryan and Jamie were professional, courteous, and willing to fulfill any of my requests and changes to the design of my trailer. I made countless phone calls to them with questions about this and that. They honestly and patiently answered all of them even two years later. I really appreciate that. My trailer came out better than I had hoped, on time, and on budget and I recommend them to anyone looking for a well-built, reasonably priced work of art.

Martin L.


What Sets Us Apart


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